Payment Methods

For consulting services we have traditionally done the work, then invoiced later. The invoice is payable in 14 days, and can be paid using internet banking. Businesses providing regular work with a monthly accounting cycle can pay monthly.

We have no interest in doing work for businesses with 60, 90, or 120 day accounting cycles. Nor are we interested in businesses which impose their own supplier contracts and discount the suppliers fees: you don’t supply enough work to deserve discount.

The traditional approach now only applies to our regular and past clients. All new clients (from 2017 onwards) wanting consulting services will have to pay through an escrow service or one of the freelancing web services. Current freelancing services we may look at include:

  1. EngLancer
  2. Freelancer (Australia)
  3. Fiver
  4. Upwork

There are other sites, but many of them are exclusively for web development, are limited to a specific locality, or have high annual membership fees. At the moment Fiver looks like the best fit, starting low at $5 (USA I think), and then building to higher fees.

Alternatively can opt to pay first via this web site, for which purpose I will provide some low cost introductory services. We will otherwise look into processing and distributing project reports via the website. With this approach will need to create an account with the web site, when the report is complete, you will be able to pay for the report and then download it.