Price List


Item Description {Refer to notes at bottom of page} Price
(includes GST)
 0 Category 0 {gratis} $0.00
 1 Category 1 $5.50
 2 Category 2 (same price as Category 1) $5.50
 3 Category 3 $11.00
 4 Category 4 $16.50
 5 Category 5 $22.00
 6 Category 6 $33.00
 7 Category 7 $55.00
 8 Category 8 $88.00
 9 Category 9 $137.50
 10 Category 10 $220.00


Item Description {Refer to notes at bottom of page} Price (includes GST)
1 Drawing Review and check for structural content $110
2 Wind classification to AS4055 – 1 to 2 storey building. $110
3 Certificate of Structural Adequacy – freestanding monoslope canopy- timber– single span (and additional constraints) $110
4 Certificate of Structural Adequacy – freestanding monoslope canopy- cold-formed steel – Single span (and additional constraints) $110
5 something not yet determined $165
6 Certificate of Structural Adequacy – freestanding gable canopy-timber – single span (and additional constraints) $220
7 Certificate of Structural Adequacy – freestanding gable canopy- cold-formed steel – single Span (and additional constraints) $220
8 Certificate of Structural adequacy – attachment of canopy to house $220
9 Certificate of Structural Adequacy – balustrade installation $220
10 Something not yet determined $330
11 Certificate of Structural Adequacy – gable shed – cold-formed steel – single span less than 12m, (and additional constraints) $550
12 Structural Design Freestanding Canopy – cold-formed steel – span less than 12m : structural drawings and calculations $880
13 Structural Design shed – cold-formed steel – span less than 6m : structural drawings and calculations $880
14 Certificate of Structural Adequacy –other $1375 minimum
15 Structural Design shed – cold-formed steel – greater than 6m and less than 12m : structural drawings and calculations $1375
16 Structural Design shed – cold-formed steel – greater than 12m and less than 15m : structural drawings and calculations $2200
17 Structural Design shed – cold-formed steel – greater than 15m and less than 18m : structural drawings and calculations $3465
18 Structural Design and documentation of Single storey building structure compatible with architectural/building design drawings $3465
19 Structural Design and documentation of a structure which is not otherwise considered a building: $5500 (minimum)
20 Structural Design of pre- engineered/pre-specified building system (eg. canopies, sheds, balustrades, industrial racking) $5500 (starting: minimum viable
21 Custom software development for structural design of building system applications. {NB: Before software is developed the building system end-product should have been properly designed and documented.} $5500 (starting: minimum viable product)
22 Integration of our structures engine with other software. $5500(minimum)


Item Description {Refer to notes at bottom of page} Price (includes GST)
0 Minimum consulting fee $110
1 Effort Level 1 ( Typically 1 hour cf approx 5 hours at federal minimum) $110
2 Effort Level 2 (Typically 2 hours, cf approx 10 hours  at federal minimum) $165
3 Effort Level 3 (Typically 3 hours , cf approx 15 hours at federal minimum) $220
4 Effort Level 4 (Typically 5 hours, cf approx 20 hours at federal minimum) $330
5 Effort Level 5 (Typically 7 hours, cf approx 30 hours at federal minimum) $550
6 Effort Level 6 (Typically 10 hours, cf approx 50 hours at federal minimum) $880
7 Effort Level 7 (Typically 15 hours, cf approx 80 hours at federal minimum) $1375
8 Effort Level 8 (Typically 25 hours,cf approx 125 hours at federal minimum) $2200
9 Effort Level 9 (Typically 35 hours,cf approx 195 hours at federal minimum) $3465
10 Effort Level 10 (Typically 50 hours,cf approx 310 hours at federal minimum) $5500

NB: As noted elsewhere we don’t sell time.  The fees are derived from an upper fee limit of $5000 and then divided into 10 levels using a geometric series and rounded. The approximate hours based on Australian federal minimum rate, is provided as reference for labour cost ignoring operating cost of business.  Assuming a business has near equivalent operating costs to a person, than minimum charge out rate is twice the federal minimum rate (eg. $35.40): the upper limits of hours are thus only viable if someone else provides all the required resources.

The estimated typical hours are based on hourly rates which varies from $55/hour to $110/hour (inc. GST): the variation is to account for complexity and risk, and the type of work involved. The hours overlap because two projects of equal duration will have differences in complexity, risk and type of work involved.  For example two projects of equal duration will have different fees if one project has more drafting time, whilst the other has more calculation (“engineering”) time: assuming drafting costs less than “engineering”. Based on distribution of time, an average rate can be determined for the project. Two projects of equal duration and only involving calculation, will have different fees based on complexity and risk. With respect to risk, we assume most of our projects are relatively low risk, with the projects being established technologies for which there is an established body of scientific knowledge which can be used to ensure fitness-for-function. So complexity is the major determinant of difference: for example a flat roof carport is less complex than a gable roof carport. A free standing carport is less complex than an attached carport: for the attached carport also need to assess the house structure. The house structure is not accessible and largely unknown, and so the risk is higher.

Projects are pursued for fixed fee, and hours are irrelevant {well relevant, if time is too long, then won’t pursue similar projects again for similar fee.}.

Notes on Pricing


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