Available Payment Methods

For consulting services we have traditionally done the work, then invoiced later. The invoice is payable in 14 days, and can be paid using internet banking. Businesses providing regular work with a monthly accounting cycle can pay monthly. If the business is not providing 4 or more jobs each month, then the work is not regular, and the 14 days applies: if not paid then no further work will be pursued.

We have no interest in doing work for businesses with 60, 90, or 120 day accounting cycles. Nor are we interested in businesses which impose their own supplier contracts and discount the suppliers fees: you don’t supply enough work to deserve discount.

The traditional approach now only applies to our regular and past clients., and those located in South Australia, on the Yorke Peninsula.

New Clients Located Outside South Australia and the Yorke Peninsula

All new clients (from 2017 onwards) wanting consulting services, and who are located outside South Australia, or otherwise remote from the Yorke Peninsula, will have to pay through an escrow service or one of the freelancing web services.

Freelancing Services

Current freelancing services we may look at include:

  1. EngLancer
  2. Freelancer (Australia)
  3. Fiverr
  4. Upwork

There are other sites, but many of them are exclusively for web development, are limited to a specific locality, or have high annual membership fees. At the moment Fiver looks like the best fit, starting low at $5 (USA I think), and then building to higher fees.

We have trialled connecting the webstore to fiverr gigs. After a few weeks the gig was suspended due to lack of activity on fiverr. Therefore only suitable for highly repetitive tasks.

Escrow Services

We haven’t used any escrow service yet. But at the moment our preference is to give CheckVault a trial.

Creating an Account with this Web Site

Alternatively can opt to pay first via this web site, for which purpose I will provide some low cost introductory services. We will otherwise look into processing and distributing project reports via the website. With this approach you will need to create an account with the web site, when the report is complete, you will be able to pay for the report and then download it.

Credit Cards And Paypal

We don’t accept credit cards, however payment via the website allows payment by paypal: which does allow use of a credit card. A paypal account is not required, if using paypal, to pay using a credit card.


We accept cash, however no discount is given. These days cash is mostly an inconvenience. Most of our payments are by BPAY, EFTPOS, EFT, therefore we need money in the bank: the nearest branch is now over 100km away, though can use the post office which is down the street.

Also if professional indemnity insurance is to provide protection to all parties then a project needs to exist: so no under the counter nonsense.

Name Your Price

The web store makes use of “name your price”, this allows the buyer to download the software for zero fee, try the software and if they find the software useful, then they can return and pay a suitable fee. More information on our use can be found here: Name Your Price.

I decided to try this approach after discovering Caitlin De Ville violinist, and reading her approach to sales, for which she also gave a reference to Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk on The Art of Asking. Along with reading various articles on free restaurants.

Price Range

Prices range from $5.50 to $5500 inclusive of GST. If a project is likely to cost more than $5500 then it will be broken up into self-contained packages worth $5500 or less, and progress from one package to the next, will be dependent on the payment for the prior completed package before moving on to the next.

If desired lowered priced projects can be broken down into smaller self-contained packages. The main split would be between the specification-of-intent (drawings) and the evidence-of-suitability (“engineering”).