Simple Price List

The list is simple not the pricing method. Project fees are built up from the following price blocks. Where project specific quotes are issued fee offers between these price blocks may be used. Fees greater than $5500 are possible, however the project will be split into stages and each stage shall be paid before moving to the next.

ItemDescriptionPrice (includes GST)
0Minimum consulting fee$110
1Effort Level 1$110
2Effort Level 2$165
3Effort Level 3$220
4Effort Level 4$330
5Effort Level 5$550
6Effort Level 6$880
7Effort Level 7$1375
8Effort Level 8$2200
9Effort Level 9$3465
10Effort Level 10$5500

NB: We try to price based on value rather than selling time. The effort levels (Price blocks) are a combination of various factors including but not limited to: duration, complexity, risk, uncertainty, repetition, potential for automation, similar projects in the future and market value.

A project comprises of multiple tasks and different tasks have different values. The role of a drafter is typically valued less than that of a designer. A typical project involves both drafting and design, and so two projects of the same duration will have different costs, depending on whether they are biased towards drafting or design. The total cost of a project, divided by the total duration would thus produce different average hourly rates for different types of project. Also the fee for the job is fixed, whilst the hours estimated for a job varies from the hours required for the job: and therefore the average hourly rate achieved is not the same as the hourly rate expected. Whilst technology may reduce the time to complete a job, the technology also imposes additional cost to do the job, whilst market value of the work doesn’t change. Price reduction as a consequent of improved technology is dependent, on price reduction of the technology and increased up take of the technology by all suppliers. Supply of service in reduced time is initially added value, and more expensive, until all suppliers can achieve the same time reduction. Hourly rates therefore are not constant and therefore of little relevance.

Intermediate Price Blocks

The price blocks are derived from Renard Series of preferred numbers. Where the increment from one level to the next is seen as too great for the needs of a specific class of project, smaller intermediate price blocks will be made available. These will be used on an as needs basis. In particular at present most projects are at either level 3 or level 6, and so intermediate price blocks at level 6 and below will be investigated. Currently price level 1 and level 3 are used as the basic building block for certificates of structural adequacy for canopies: but this doesn’t adequately cover the cost of complications which arise on some projects.

We are aiming to price defined tasks, and price blocks for these tasks and then build project fees up from the tasks prices. (eg. $110 per plane frame, a typical structure is expected to have at least 2 different plane frames at right angles to one another. So minimum fee for checking is $220. A typical shed has 5 different plane frames, so minimum fee $550. However, the base fee doesn’t allow for increased complexity of connection design, and therefore needs to be higher. Therefore more refined assessment would consider different classes of plane frame: different structural forms.)

These intermediate price blocks will be reflected in future revised prices for productised solutions: referred to in the more complete price list.

NB: Prices are subject to change without notice. Project specific fee offers take precedence over published pricing.