Rigid Frame Analysis for Shed



Analysis of framed shed using Kleinlogel formula for frame with doubly pitched roof and fixed bases ((eg. gable frame). Wind actions are calculated for each surface of the frame, for transverse (theta=0) and longitudinal (theta=90) loading, then design action-effects are calculated. From the maximum calculated bending moment the smallest steel section with suitable sectional moment capacity is then looked up. The selected section could be C-section, UB, UC, PFC, RHS, SHS.

NB: After selection of section based on sectional moment capacity additional calculations are required to check member capacity for combined actions.  Typically for cold-formed steel sheds the moment due to wind loading is approximately twice that from live loading conditions, such that combined wind loading and axial tension is the critical condition. Consequently non-linear analysis is not overly critical for cold-formed steel. Another issue to consider is the feasibility of designing a connection which can transfer the moment capacity of the section. Since over all frame design is dependent on the member capacities and the feasibility of connections, such additional calculations have been excluded, that way designers can add the calculations specific to their particular frame. For example in-house we have a version of the workbook for all the components of a cold-formed steel c-section shed, using either gusset plate connections or welded and bolted end plate connections. For other situations we only print out that part of the spreadsheet relevant to the project and have other stand alone spreadsheets for member and connection design. Compromise has to be made between rapidly designing and documenting a whole building of a specific structural form versus the flexibility of designing any building structure: along with the hassle of keeping similar spreadsheets consistent and up to date.

So for example a shed fabricator wants the speed of a shed design spreadsheet whilst a structural designer wants the flexibility of structural design spreadsheets.  Also the one calculation report can have different input forms to suit the needs of specific users.


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