Spreadsheet Bundle for Cold-formed Steel Structures Design


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Design of cold-formed steel structures to AS4600.  Contains:

  1.  Materials library
  2. Technical library add-in
  3. Quick Calculator Workbook for member checks
  4. Bolt capacity tables
  5. Example of using spreadsheet iteration to calculate effective section modulus for cold-formed c-section.

The technical library contains functions to obtain effective section modulus directly so do not need the page of calculations illustrated in the iteration example. It is primarily for checking cold-formed C-sections and sections built up from c-sections (boxed, nested, back-to-back). The main quick calculator workbook covers:

  1. Sectional Moment Capacity
  2. Member Moment Capacity
  3. Tensile Capacity
  4. Compressive Capacity
  5. Shear Capacity

For information on setting up MS Excel environment refer to the following resources:

  1. SpreadsheetEnvironmentIssue1 (pdf file)
  2. Setting Up Spreadsheet Environment (online)

And typical use:

  1. Using Technical Library and Database for Cold-Formed Steel Design to AS4600