Sponsored Products

What are Sponsored Products?

Sponsored products are virtual downloadable products which are available at zero fee the majority of the time. The products are available free only so long as, the income from our consulting work is able to cover our living costs.

When our consulting work is not covering our costs, then the products can no longer be supported / sponsored. The products then have to generate their own income. The  products will be sold at a price to cover our living costs, along with the cost of development and distribution of the product itself and other sponsored products. The most popular products may be used to raise funds to develop new products or otherwise improve the means of distribution.

As of [8/12/2017] we have introduced “name your price” pricing. Products which were available for zero fee are still available as such, but option now available to directly support (provide patronage) the development of that specific product.

As the creators, we typically release the products under a generous license. The licenses include: Creative Commons licenses,  MIT and  GPL.

NB: The majority of the spreadsheets have been available on ExcelCalcs since 2007,  so if sold for a fee, here, for more than a year they would still have been available the majority of the time free from fee.