Spreadsheet for drawing Cold-formed steel sections

Spreadsheet which generates Acad LT script, for drawing cold-formed steel sections. the script is generated in the worksheet and can be copy/pasted to the Acad LT command line. It also calculates the dimensions required to define a section for use in CFS (cold-formed steel design/check by RSG software ).


  1. Simple z-hook
  2. Angle
  3. Hat
  4. Plain Channel
  5. C-Section
  6. C-Section with stiffeners to the lips
  7. C-section with swaged web. (eg. Fielders DHS, or New Zealand’s Dimond High Span )

Prime purpose was to get the required dimensions for CFS from known dimensions, and to get a quick drawing so could check dimensions were correct .

Download: schDrawSection.xls