State of Play: 2013/wk35

Still got on going projects,with new projects flowing in, involving the following:

1) Cold-Formed Steel Sheds
2) Carports and Verandahs
3) Retaining Walls
4) Residential footings
5) Balustrades
6) Sports nets

Other Activities been pursuing:


Downloaded and installed Android Studio. Had a brief look at, but I think something not quite set up correctly. So will have to take a closer look at some other date.

Part installed the Android plug-in for Eclipse, but keep getting errors for dependent packages.

Experimented with Java in Eclipse. Did the typical “Hello World” program both simple console and with windows.

Web Site Development
Had a brief look at Eclipse’s web development tools. May be worth a closer look, but at the present I will stick with combination of UltraEdit and MS Visual Studio 2005.

Created a simple post here using pictures, to identify where wordpress placed pictures.

Finally figured out the settings required to use Beyond Compare to connect to our website.

Did some reading about the use of Gravitars. Trying to figure out difference between my personal wordpress account on wordpress and local wordpress installation.

Mind Maps
Downloaded and installed Freemind, for another quick look at it. Concluded not a very useful presentation of information.

Screen Capture and Video.
Went looking for screen capture software. Downloaded a few applications but not loaded any yet. Did some further reading about, and probably won’t load the ones I found.

Also discovered need a fullscreen DOS capature software. Found a site with description of the solution but having problems finding the software recommended. So resorted to taking photo’s of screen. Not really worth the effort finding installing, and testing some application.

Had problems getting the copier/scanner onto the network. Finally figured it out. Using a different router than we were using in the office, and so default gateway was different. Fixed that and worked fine.