State of Play: 2013/wk36

Various projects still in progress, with new projects flowing in.

Other Activities been pursuing:

Web Site Development
Took a look at various wordpress video’s for building websites, including web stores and membership sites as well as simple blogs.

At moment not certain whether to setup webstore using a hosted system and link to such system from the website, or to build using webstore using wordpress. Other issue was that of membership versus webstore. One of our earliest considerations, many years back, was to set up an annual subscription system to provide the information which manufacturers and other suppliers of structural products needed. The idea arose from considerations of many people turning up at different times needing the same information. That is clients don’t all ask for information in the same sequence, but all ultimately end up needing the same information. Further the existing industry organisations do not provide the information small businesses need, additionally the organisations charge builders, manufacturers and suppliers relatively high fees. The result is few small businesses join these organisations, not at start up nor later when they have become established.

Therefore a membership site would seem to have potential for finally make this service available. So problem is whether or not can create a wordpress membership site and store, rather than just one.

Tried a few different wordpress themes. Decided that plugins and themes can be beneficial but on other hand can be extremely wasteful of time. They are wasteful if have to go looking through 1000’s of the things to find the one with the right characteristics. Seems far more efficient to develop own, by modifying one of the defaults which came with the wordpress install. But then again that seems to require php programming knowledge.

At the moment decided to re-direct to “facebook about page” for contact information. Also rather than set up webstore, decided to provide simple posts describing individual services and then categorise these and then use a menu option to show as a single page.

Added more categories and tags to the system.

Got my gravitar to work for the wordpress dashboard.

Experimented with creating icons and providing an icon for the website.

Wrote scipts for sentTo menu. Had existing scripts for sorting files into folders based on file dates or file extensions. Now added scripts for sorting files based on file size similar to the division available in outlook, but added extra sets for tiny, small and medium. Also wrote script to batch files of collections of a given batch size. Attempted to get main file sorting script to work from sendTo menu, and create archive folder structure in folder selected for sorting, but hit problem with over all length of path and file names.

Discovered problems with some file names, so wrote additional script to clean non-alphanumeric characters from file names and reduce the over all length of the name.

Searching the net discovered a useful VBscript editor called vbsEdit. It allows debugging, and provides autocompletion assistance with objects, it can also compile to .exe. Looks like it may be worth buying.

Was going to test file sorting and file/folder naming routines on simple list of filenames, but discovered workbooks normally use to grab a list of filenames no longer functional. Seems they were left in the middle of modifying. More work to do as they have new forms. Did some research on UserForms, as wanted a simple general purpose routine to swap between forms.

Bought Scrivener and started importing MS Word documents. At the moment settled for copy/pasting into the wordpress editor. Still otherwise using TreePAD Business to organise and classify posts.

Structural Products
Started to rationalise documents, especially MS Excel workbooks, at the moment focus is on balustrades.