State of Play: 2013/wk37

Still got on going projects with behind the scenes development involving:

1) Cold-Formed Steel Sheds


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>a) 15m Shed to be made into a standard design
b) 32m Span x 8m High cold-formed steel shed in construction

2) Carports and Verandahs

a) developing software (structural design engine) for point of sales.

3) Balustrades

a) Modify & further Develop MS Excel Spreadsheets.

Other Activities been pursuing:

Web Site Development
Added plugins to website, to provide additional features: mostly to get the sharing buttons for social networks.

Modified the layouts and style of my various metamorphs blogs to make them consistent. These blogs are where most of my online activity occurs. Also modified the tabs, removing static pages, and linking to the other blogs. All of these blogs connected then connected to the business site here.

Also added twitter search widgets for the various hashtags associated with each blog. Then added the widgets for the headlines which are also associated with the hashtags. Additionally stopped the auto tweeting of the papers to my twitter timeline as the top story lists generate more trouble than worth. The only reason for piping to my timeline in the first place, is that I lost the email notifications, and the publication time is plus or minus 1 hour of the times I set: so the tweet tells me when the paper has been updated.

Looked into what is required to create a facebook, linkedin or type summary post of another site. All seemed too complicated. Probably best left to posting on these sites any way.

Part of problem however is the timeline basis of these sites and of a wordpress type blog, compared to a static information resource. Then again wikipedia is an information resource and the whole point of the web of knowledge versus the tree of knowledge is that there is no starting point to the web, you can enter the web of knowledge at any point and work your way around it in an almost end less array of paths. So a time based content management systems (CMS) like wordpress and blogger are probably not so bad.

Just need to organise the categories and tags and otherwise link the posts together.

Otherwise tested posting using the various plug-in’s widgets from other sites I use. The ExcelCalc’s widget does not work in wordpress, but the scribd widgets are ok!. This is how the ExcelCalc’s widget should look. so stuck using simple hyperlink to my ExelCalcs workbooks.

Also tested providing downloads directly from the website here. Generally speaking won’t make the workbooks on ExcelCalc’s available by any other means that ExcelCalc’s. However, some of my simpler spreadsheets not worth uploading to ExcelCalc’s or not able to as already covered by others. However simple calculations can be presented in a multitude of ways to suit the end-user, so will make such workbooks available here.

Read more about pings and trackbacks and removed those from this website as well as comments. My basic view is that today with social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn there is no real need to have comments on the website. I didn’t mention Twitter since if read help system, will discover that it is not a social network though it can be used as such.

I think websites I visit which have comments tend to be untidy, though admittedly I do read the comments and also add comments: however that is the way those sites are setup. Further more many of them make use of twitter, facebook and/or disqus to help control who can comment. Since have to log into these social networks to post a comment, may as well introduce an extra step and have people go to these networks in the first place and post comments there. May still get spam and irrelevant discussion, but reduced the number of queues have to moderate.
Google Chrome and Apps
I’m not sure but it looks like Google Chrome is an alternative virtual machine for Java applications or at least JavaScript. It seems that applications built around Google Chrome would be equally at home on the computer desktop as well as on the internet. This provides additional reason to consider moving away from VBScript and adopting JavaScript.

Also keep giving consideration to the use of OpenOffice in place of MS Office. The main problem is the use of MS Access and also extensive use of VBA in MS Excel, along with using COM automation from with in MS Excel. That and a reluctance to learn a new object model, also open office basic seems limited compared to vba. Javascript also tends to have fewer inbuilt functions than VBScript, so there is extra work involved providing those missing functions, unless can find a standard library.

Collected together in scrivener various articles I’ve written on the following structural products:

1) Balustrades
2) Sheds
3) Balustrades
4) Sail-Shades
5) Sports-nets
6) Solar Panels

Need some improved tools for bookmarking and note taking, and which does not involve any online service. Currently bookmarks saved in chrome are not that helpful. Too many websites have useless names for their pages like “Home”. For others whilst the names are meaningful, the names are not helpful at some other point in time when attempting to retrieve. Also the issue of only wanting to reference a small part of a web page, but still being able to get back to the original site.

There appears to be some applications available for firefox. I didn’t like firefox however, whilst it has tagging for bookmarks, it is relatively slow and unstable to search and edit the bookmarks. I can accumulate anything from 2000 to 10,000 bookmarks each year.
Whilst collecting them I don’t really want to be typing stuff in nor putting to much effort into sorting into different folders. It would be good for example, if for each google search a new folder was automatically created and all the bookmarks were saved in that folder until a new search. Similarly a new folder autogenerated each day, to contain anything bookmarked before a google search carried out.