State of Play: 2013/wk38

The usual collection of on going projects.across various structural products.

Got interrupted and otherwise side tracked from main path. It seems I may have to clarify some issues of design philosophy. Not the least of which, is that my concern with improving point of sale decision making concerns the buyer’s and regulating authorities, not the sellers.

Other Activities been pursuing:


Translating my MS Excel/VBA into VB.NET. Hassles with structures, classes and arrays. My primary class has arrays of structures. The properties and/or functions I wrote to return a single element of the array didn’t seem to be acceptable until I moved the structure definition into the class. Now every other variable has to have its structure type defined by reference to the class. Arrays cannot be initialised using “Array”, and also many of them need to be modified to use lower bound indices starting at zero. Parameter lists to functions and procedures also need to be modified. There are also issues with DAO, probably should be using ADO, but not going to make the switch yet. There is also the problem of constants used in Excel/vba which are not known in the VB environment: so will probably have to define them.  So seems its going to take a while just to convert, before can start testing some input/transformation/output.

Any case our in-house 2D Frame analysis module is currently in Excel/vba and being used for carport and verandah design.  The idea however is to adapt so that can be used for sheds. We already have Excel spreadsheet for simple portal frames, but that is locked into simple gable frames.  For anything else we use MicroStran and Multiframe. With the 2D frame analysis we will be able to better automate American barn style buildings, and other configurations not readily covered by rigid frame formula.

Translation to VB is merely to have an alternative, and to more clearly demonstrate that MS Excel is being used for little more than data storage, and reporting.