State of Play: 2013/wk39

Further interruption and otherwise side tracked from main path. But this is the usual state of affairs. It is difficult to spend time developing tools which will bring about improvement when expending time tackling the existing problems individuals have in the building industry. Most of the problems have a common cause, if could tackle the problems on an industry wide basis then improvements across various businesses would cascade into place.

It is also difficult to balance the activity between programming and making tools available, and otherwise getting down and writing philosophy about the over all design process, and particularly about putting software which embodies engineering into the hands of people who have had no engineering education.

So currently torn between:

1) Drawing up standard designs along with engineering evidence-of-suitability
2) Developing software
3) Writing design philosophy

Admittedly further developing software would permit more rapid completion of standard designs. However, my design philosophy insists that the standard designs are an important reference datum, a datum which is severely missing from the industry.

All three are important, and intimately tied together, so I guess business as usual, so to speak, I continue oscillating from one to the other as my motivation chooses.

I may also now have a problem of having too many places in which to write. My main blog was relatively diverse, and I have now attempted to create separate blogs for various subject areas, and also now have the business website to consider. This may not be entirely a problem as my main blog is largely for freewriting and clearing my head: a form of catharsis/katharsis. Such chaos apparently attracts attention so task is how to redirect that attention to more topic focused blogs.

As the blog indicates it is the draft, the unpolished unfinished work with the more complete work to be presented elsewhere. So that is part of the next task, to start cleaning the chaos up, refining and focusing the ideas and presenting else where. However I want to avoid a focus which detroys the big picture and the inter connectivity of all things. My writings are chaos because of my mind jumping around all that connectivity. However with rewriting and refinements, that connectivity can now be achieved in writing by the use of hyperlinks. A single path, along a single branch of the tree of knowledge can be traversed in a single tract of writing, but hyperlinks permit jumping into alternative paths: and the tree analogy of knowledge is replaced by a more complex web of knowledge.