State of Play: 2014/wk32

Experimenting with setting up web site and store. Still haven’t found a theme that I like across all the functions. Also looks like need additional plug-in’s to make everything work as desired.

Considering creating a subscription scheme so that manufacturers of structural products can gain access to the information they need and further make requests for the type of information they need. So that this information is provided in a generic form and available to all who have paid their subscription. This way there is no repetition across business enterprises, and further the information can be revised and improved on a regular basis.

Currently the business is tied up with independent testing of carport/verandah software, and otherwise translating 2D frame analysis engine from vba/Pascal into other programming languages notably languages having C type syntax: Java, JavaScript, C#, and also including The primary problem with the language conversion is changing from languages which permit arrays to be indexed starting with any number, to those which require zero based arrays.