State of Play: 2016/wk41

Thus far generally attempted to keep conjecture to my personal metamorphs blog (Beyond Structures). Around 1976 I started writing a small journal of ideas and general findings, since then I have written several such journals, some years filling several A4 sized hardback books. One common thread through these journals is my concept of utopia. Utopia is nowhere and cannot be created, since one person’s utopia is another person’s dystopia. Beyond this however is the reality that the natural world is changing continuously as a very consequence of our existence in the world: therefore any concept of utopia cannot be static but has to be dynamic. In my unpublished journals I refer to this new world as dynamic utopia. One thing about utopia is that it is no place that I would want to live: such utopia meets everyone else’s needs, keeps them fed and safe and entertained: but would otherwise bore me to death. Whilst such new worlds typically cannot be built, they do provide some templates which can be mapped over what we already have and allow us to see the source of inefficiency whilst also addressing what would be lost if such efficiency was implemented. So in the future will be writing more idealistic stuff.

On other fronts I have been experimenting with FreeBasic, to see how useful it is to convert my Excel/VBA source into stand alone applications. Been experimenting and testing the limitations of Classes, Collections and Interfaces in vba. Found another useful site for Excel and vba information in the form of Excel Macro Mastery.

Been oscillating back and forth between Excel/VBA, FreeBasic and LibreOffice Basic (LoB). Using FreeBasic found that some of my vba code lacked variable type declarations, as I attempt to convert my Technical Library to work in LibreOffice Calc and otherwise as make available for inclusion in FreeBasic applications. From there will also consider converting to other programming languages such as, c#, javascript and java. The objective being to enable the development of a multitude of custom applications to assist with structural design of manufactured structural products and common structural forms as typically employed by owner-builders.

Took another look at android studio, decided against android development. The software takes far too long to load and from what I can tell from searching around the web, getting more RAM doesn’t help that much. Anycase many of my spreadsheets were set up as rapid prototyping models for use on handheld and palm top computers. Those that do not use VBA can be placed on google drive and opened using google docs. The following spreadsheets can for example be used on an android phone:

  1. Footing Calculator using Rutledge Formula
  2. Barrier Post Design Workbook V2

So rather than develop android applications, will instead develop more spreadsheets which are compatible with google sheets. That thus, includes consideration of converting the technical function library to JavaScript.


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