State of Play 2018/wk14

Got some ebooks on wordpress theme and plug-in development. In the process of developing a new theme. So moving away from the Divi theme: whilst I like the theme I have better things to do with my time than mess with memory management problems each time themes and plug-ins update. So will be working on getting just what I need, and no more. Until then will be experimenting with free themes, since also wish to get some similar appearance between sites on and blogger.

Also part decided on some colours and logos. Since MiScion, means my offshoot, we typically write using purple text, and we move from topic to topic like a butterfly, and my other business name is metamorphs (beyond structures). Decided to adopt a purple monarch butterfly as a logo, and otherwise adopt various shades of purple along with fluid and liquid type images. Going along with my original concept of: the physical world being as fluid as the imagination. That dynamically adaptive systems are better than continuous improvement. That anything once released to the world will transform and metamorphosis into something else. Transportation, morphs from bicycle into communication via way of the internet. All tools released into the world will be put to uses way beyond the original intents of the designer. Nothing is static and all is in a state of flux.

Being better at crunching numbers than having artistic or poetic flair, I will  somehow merge all the ideas into some fluid adapting images.