State of Play 2018/wk34 – Heart Attack

Sunday night, 19th of August, apparently I had  a heart attack. Was transported from Maitland Hospital (SA), by relay of SA Ambulance and Royal Flying Doctor Service to Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)  on monday morning. Had  an angiogram and then a stent inserted, after which I got double vision. Spent most of week in RAH, and discharge initiated on Friday morning, finally left for long drive back to Maitland friday afternoon. I assume if discharge had been initiated on thursday, then would have left on Friday morning.

My dad spent a week in a motel down in Adelaide, and visited each day, finally driving me home on Friday. My dad was set to leave motel on Friday morning and return home to Maitland on his own: as he needed to replenish his own medications. So it was a bit of a rush to organise my own discharge and avoid additional trips between Maitland (SA) and Adelaide (approx, 162 km, taking 1 hr and 56 minutes: though such time is highly dependent on the time of the day, and how long takes to get out of Adelaide city).

The double vision seems to have gone, but otherwise now have a “ton” of medications to take daily, which did include self administered injections in my belly area, though the doctor temporarily halted the injections this morning (Sunday 26th).

So some lifestyle changes in the pipeline: mainly lose a bit of weight and get some exercise. Though more than lose weight, need to redistribute it, and reduce waist size.

More later, but for now a big thank you to all those involved. {I tried listing their names but I could only remember about 60% of the names.}