State of Play 2018/wk41

Times passed quickly, though seemed slow, since had the heart attack. When came out of hospital put into a routine of getting an INR (international normalised ratio) check each day to determine adjustments for Warfarin medication. A nurse pricks my finger and draws blood,  a device with a small replaceable card is then used to get the INR, not sure why the device cannot have an extra button to determine the dose. Anycase a few minutes later the doctor provides a new dosage if required. Daily testing lasted for about a week, and then left for around a month, I had the end of month INR test this Monday. The number had dropped outside the 2 to 3 range, and so my dose of Warfarin has been increased.

Anycase, during this time, since week (34), I finished drawings and calculations for a brick pottery kiln, and went and inspected renovations to a house and produced drawings and certificate. Otherwise been looking at wordpress theme development, especially navigation menus. Put a search bar on the website, and otherwise noticed that names for bookmarks had changed: discovered shouldn’t have html title tag in the theme files, so removed. Been providing guidance to dad on VBA programming and classes.

Wrote simple calculation sequence in several programming languages for an additional post on comparison, which was a sequel to the post comparing calculation tools[2017], which was itself a sequel to: Electronic Calculations (eCalc’s)[2013].

Also took another look at fiverr and checkvault. Decided to recommend people remote from the Yorke Peninsula to use CheckVault. Otherwise still haven’t decided what can supply on fiverr.

Had an enquiry from balustrade company in NSW, advised they find someone in NSW, and should consider paying the people who do work for them. Previous work for them is one of the reasons for deciding to adopt CheckVault. Another contributor to problem also a business in NSW and concerning balustrades.

As for rest of the week: Tomorrow I go see cardiologist and next week get an assessment for rehabilitation.