Steel Framed Shed 20m Wide x 6m Eaves Height


As Shown


Structural Drawings on A4 size sheets of a steel framed shed (Universal Beams (UB)), with maximum width of 20m (as measured between outer faces of girts), and maximum eaves height of 6m (as measured at envelope defined by outer surface of wall girts and roof purlins.)

The gable frames are at 5.5m centres, which would suit doors up to 5m wide. The end wall mullions are at approximately 4.9m centres which would suit doors up to 4.4m wide. No doors are shown on the drawings.

With additional details (not provided) the same frame can be adapted for 40m double span shed.

The drawings are provided in pdf file only. The pdf file can be edited to modify the project/installation titles.

Table of Contents:

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Drawing Index
  3. General Notes
  4. Concrete Notes
  5. Steelwork Notes
  6. Schedule of Materials
  7. Framing Plan
  8. Elevations 1
  9. Elevations 2
  10. Main Frame Elev
  11. Main Frame Details
  12. End Plate Details
  13. End Walls
  14. Struts & Bracing
  15. Footing Layout Plan
  16. Footing Details 1
  17. Footing Details 2
  18. Footing Details 3


Provide a standard design to guide building designers in setting out a building to match a suitable structure. If no significant changes are required then the documents are suitable for submission for development approval, otherwise additional custom drawings maybe required. Alternatively the information in the documents may be transferred to project specific drawings for example to match the sheet sizes of the building design drawings.

A suitably qualified person still needs to be appointed to check the proposal and make sure that the building proposal is compatible with the structural design presented in these structural drawings.

Extras Available Separately

Extras to be released soon:

  1. Evidence-of-Suitability: Calculations as required for development approval (The calculations have been done already, as a standard design. The original report was done direct to paper, so the calculations need to be reworked and printed to pdf, with presentation updated to new company details.)
  2. CAD files (dxf, and dwg (AutoCAD LT / ProgeCAD))
  3. Structural Model: Multiframe (mfd) and MicroStran (arc)


SORRY!: As of 2019 not available for direct download. If interested contact us, we’ll send an invoice with bank details which can be paid via EFT. Once payment is confirmed we will email the document.

For custom design of other sheds, in steel UB, UC, PFC, RHS, SHS, CHS or cold-formed steel C-sections contact us. Our upper fee is $5500 for each identifiable stage, so we don’t do large commercial and industrial buildings involving coordination with architectural, mechanical and electrical services: we don’t have the resources, though we can work on contract with others. Simple empty shells for agricultural and industrial purposes we can do. Small commercial warehouses with office, working in conjunction with building designer or architect we can do.


  1. A4 drawing sheets adopted, as experience working for big consultancies is that their A1, A0 and B1 drawings are not immediately revised and issued during construction, rather the building is constructed to A4 sketches sent by fax, and the larger drawings revised and issued much later. Therefore may as well produce A4 drawings in the first place. Large drawings also cumbersome in the wind, and add little extra information when working with stick diagrams and details. Steel details typically drawn at scale 1:10, and concrete details at 1:20 no matter what the sheet size.
  2. A4 sheets can be scaled up to A2 and A0 size. Whilst A3 can only be scaled to A1. Unlike the big consultancies which typically start with A1 and reduce to A3, we start with A4 or A3 and expand to A2, A1, A0 only if needed.