Structural Design shed – cold-formed steel – greater than 12m and less than 15m

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Development Approval package comprising of structural drawings and structural calculations, for single span gable frame shed [BCA class 10]. Such building is suitable for simple storage, but not a warehouse. It is also suitable for various forms of agricultural buildings.


Single Span greater than 12m and less than 15m. Constructed from cold-formed steel c-sections.


  1. We don’t submit documentation to council or pay the approval fees. The building designer, builder or owner should do so at the appropriate time: which would typically be when the owner has decided they can afford the building as designed and is ready to go ahead with construction.
  2. In South Australia, Development approval comprises of planning consent and building rules consent. For larger projects it is preferable to seek planning consent before progressing too far with building design. Planning consent will include proposals for site storm water drainage, landscaping, car parking, access and egress to the site, line of sight for CFS lookout towers, environmental impact. More generally planning concerns issues with the use of the site and building, and the look and appearance, whether or not the usage will cause any kind of inconvenience or hazard to the local community.
  3. It is the building designers responsibility to deal with the building usage issues. So if there are special requirements for stables, piggeries, hen sheds, then those are issues that need to be considered by the building designer. This information may then need to be passed on to structural design and other specialists. For example if mechanical ventilation is required then that information needs to be passed to both mechanical and structural engineers.