Structural Design


The basic process of structural design comprises of:

  1. Determination of Dimension and Geometry
  2. Determination of Operating Environment
  3. Determination of Design Actions
  4. Determination of Design Action-Effects
  5. Member Design
  6. Connection Design
  7. Footing Design

Design Tools We Make Available

Dimension & Geometry

  1. Long Section Script Writer for CADD
  2. Spreadsheet tools for working with DXF files
  3. Automating CADD with Scripts
  4. Parametric Sketches in a Spreadsheet
  5. Drawing Framing Plans Using MS Excel Shapes

Operating Environment

  1. Beaufort Windscale Chart

Design Actions

  1. Wind Loading BCA Importance Levels
  2. Wind Loading Risk Assessment
  3. Wind Loading Surface Roughness Length
  4. Wind loading – Pressures on Doubly pitched Enclosed Building
  5. Workbook for Wind Actions on Doubly Pitched Enclosed Building
  6. Wind loading on Barrier and distribution to Post

Design Action-Effects

  1. Workbook for Rigid Frames Using Kleinlogel Formula
  2. Console Based (MSDOS) Plane Frame Analysis
  3. Plane Frame Analysis with Graphics (MS DOS)
  4. Plane Frame Analysis: The Front End Version 1
  5. Plane Frame Analysis: The Front End Version 2
  6. Plane Frame Analysis: The Front End Version 4
  7. Plane Frame Analysis: The Backend Version 1
  8. Barrier Post Base Moment Calculator
  9. Application for Plane Frame Analysis

Member Design

  1. Material and Section Properties Library
  2. Spreadsheet Bundle for Cold-formed Steel Structures Design
  3. Spreadsheet Bundle for Steel Structures Design
  4. Spreadsheet Bundle for Timber Structures Design

Connection Design

  1. Weld Design

Footing Design

  1. Calculation of Soil Heave, and site Classification (MSDOS)
  2. Pocket Footing Calculator
  3. Footing Calculator using Rutledge Formula


  1. Frame Size Check for Fixed Base Doubly Pitched Portal Frame Shed
  2. Frame Selection Charts for Cold-formed Steel Sheds
  3. Design Chart Cold-formed Steel Sheds Wind Terrain Category 3 – Frames at 3m centres
  4. Design Chart Cold-formed Steel Shed Wind Terrain Category 2 – Frames at 3m centres
  5. Design Chart Cold-formed Steel Portal Frame – Frames at 6m centres
  6. Spreadsheet for Structural Design of Timber Gable Canopy