TechNote#017 Canopies: Flat Roof Carports, Verandahs, Pergolas and Patios

Various structural forms (SF) of canopies, typically constructed for use as carports, verandahs, pergolas and patios. {NB: Pergola and patio have otherwise been redefined by marketing: thus lost traditional meaning in terms of sales, but not in terms of regulations and codes.} If a carport, or verandah is made from cold-formed c- section and it […]


INTRODUCTION This guide is written to assist you (manufacturers/suppliers) with the following: Understanding the limitations of your currently held pre-engineered solutions. Assist you with developing a qualitative understanding of structures so that you can identify problems before they eventuate and seek engineering assistance to resolve them. THE GUIDE Not having a qualitative understanding of the […]

Structural Design Services in Maitland Yorke Peninsula

Operating from 62 Robert Street, Maitland, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. We can be found in the following building: Send an email Enquiry, check Price list for services, or the web store for downloadable software and reports. With Roy’s qualifications in building, civil engineering and structural engineering, and Conrad’s qualifications in industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering and mechanical […]

Doubly Pitched, Gable Roof Structures, enclosed buildings and canopies.

Introduction Simple doubly pitched roof. Two structural members and three joints, with two of the joints as supports. The basic connection options for joints is pinned that is having no moment restraint, or fully fixed in which case has moment restraint. If have moment restraint then joint can resist forces which tend to cause rotation […]

Example Canopy Design and Documentation: Carports, Verandahs and Pergolas

Typically our involvement with carports, verandahs and pergolas, or more generally canopies, is the supply of structural reports or certification. Both reports and certification involve structural calculations. The difference between the report and certification is that we don’t compile the calculations into a report and issue the calculations. Instead with certification we summarise critical values […]

Plane Frame (2D) Matrix Structural Analysis

Now have source code for 2D Plane frame matrix structural analysis in Turbo Pascal, Delphi 3, Lazarus and Excel/vba using arrays indexed from base 1. Additionally have source Excel/vba, JavaScript/JScript,, C# and Java using arrays indexed from base zero. Was going to use J# as an intermediate step between C# and Java, but not […]

Canopy Design: pt#1 (Basic Procedure)

Free standing canopy (carports etc..) design is similar to the requirements for shed design. The primary difference is that with no wall cladding the wind load pushing against the side of the canopy is less. There is still a side ways load on the canopy, it comes from the horizontal component of the loads on […]