Example Reports and Calculations

A selection of early reports mostly collected together in an attempt to illustrate how with repetitive type projects, automation of the calculations can be incrementally implemented as move from one project to the next. [toc] Example: Portable Building My first calculations in 1988, before we formalised a business. The calculations are handwritten, involve calculation of section […]

Plane Frame (2D) Matrix Structural Analysis

Now have source code for 2D Plane frame matrix structural analysis in Turbo Pascal, Delphi 3, Lazarus and Excel/vba using arrays indexed from base 1. Additionally have source Excel/vba, JavaScript/JScript, VB.net, C# and Java using arrays indexed from base zero. Was going to use J# as an intermediate step between C# and Java, but not […]

Canopy Design: pt#1 (Basic Procedure)

Free standing canopy (carports etc..) design is similar to the requirements for shed design. The primary difference is that with no wall cladding the wind load pushing against the side of the canopy is less. There is still a side ways load on the canopy, it comes from the horizontal component of the loads on […]

Shed Design: pt#1 (Basic Procedure)

The basic procedure for shed design involves assessing the loads imposed by the environment, determining the effects of those loads on the frame and its connections and then specifying such so that have adequate resistance. {what follows is a rough outline and subject to revision.} [toc] Environmental Assessment Environmental considerations include, rain, flood waters, hail, […]