Adelaide City of Churches

Given that Adelaide is known as the city of churches, I thought taking a look at the distance between churches would give a good indication of the requirements for a walk about city and governance. The reasoning being is that historically churches were generally the centres of the community, thus all people typically gathered at […]

Using AutoCAD LT as a simple Geographical Information System

For a simple geographical information system (GIS) not concerned with complex projections of the surface of a sphere onto a 2D surface, nor concerned with features of the landscape such as rivers, lakes, coast lines, mountains, nor with technological features of the built environment such as roads and bridges. The primary requirement is being able to locate a […]

Geography of the Yorke Peninsula District Council Area

As indicated in earlier posts, now that outside the Adelaide metropolitan area looking for a simple means of continuing to use Excel/VBA and Acad LT as simple geographical information system(GIS). For such purpose I am not overly concerned about geographical features such as coastlines and roads. What I do need are simple rectangular map grid coordinates […]