Our Projects by Council Area

Listing of projects by council area. It doesn’t include all our projects as a large proportion of our projects are standard designs for manufacturers and other suppliers. Each council is linked to the council website, for other councils check the local government association website. We were previously located in Tea Tree Gully and are now […]

The Recent Adelaide Wind Storms Related to Australian Wind Loading Code

Relating the recent Adelaide storms to the Adelaide Metro Wind Speed Map, the simplified wind classification system (AS4055), and our wind loading code (AS1170.2) The map typically classifies sites as either: N1 Vzp = 28 m/s [100.8 km/h] N2 Vzp = 33 m/s [118.8 km/h] N3 Vzp = 41 m/s [147.6 km/h] These commonly used […]