State of Play: 2017/wk09

As mentioned in previous posts my Windows XP laptop computer had problems, first faulty power adapter, which I replaced, and then the backlight for the screen. When I purchased the replacement power adapter I also bought a low cost replacement computer just in case the power adapter didn’t fix the problem. The replacement computer however […]

Technological Heritage

Thus far when essaying our technological heritage my focus has been on the heritage being a foundation on which the future is built. For this technology to be a foundation for the future, it presupposes that the existing technology is maintained into the future. Farming supposedly provides food security, by providing more control over the […]

Coffee with STEAM

When first read about coffee with an architect, it seemed like a good idea, and something similar would be good for engineering, such as an equivalent coffee with an engineer.  However, being classified by Engineers Australia as an engineering technologist, it becomes a more cumbersome phrase.  Personally I don’t care much for occupational classification, it […]