Technical Services – Effort Level 1

Project effort takes into consideration, complexity, potential for variations, risk and the potential for automation due to repetition.

Effort Level-1

For those with preference for time as a metric, this level of effort represents either:

  1. Approximately 1 hour of work at relatively low level of complexity and risk, with little potential for automation and little repetition (eg. not routine).
  2. Approximately 2 hours of work at still lower level of complexity and risk, with repetition across projects and potential for automation (and the automation has been implemented). (eg. routine)
  3. Approximately 5 hours of work at Australian federal minimum rates, all resources required to complete the work provided by the client. (eg. I just provide labour, an ability to read and write, and the client figures out how to do the job, and the client also takes responsibility for the results.)

The base charge out rates are derived from Australian Federal Minimum Wage ($18.93), and professional employees award (MA000065). The following rates are subject to change without notice (eg. if legislative minimum increase then these automatically increase).

  1. Drafting: $44/hour (includes GST)
  2. Routine Design/Assessment (design-drafting, calculations, written reports): $55/hour (includes GST)
  3. Other than routine design: $110/hour (includes GST)

For example calculations see: Example Price Calculations