Technical Computing

With respect to developing automation tools we have experience in DBASE IV, Paradox DOS, MS Access, Pascal/Delphi, C, VBA, VBscript,, JavaScript, JScript, AutoLISP.  We can automate using COM automation, for software such as Excel, Word, Access, DesignCAD,  MultiFrame and IntelliCAD/ProgeCAD. We can automate Acad LT via generation of script files (.scr), additionally extract data from DXF and otherwise modify drawings. Similarly we can auto-generate input data files for our own in-house 2D frame analysis software or other analysis software such as MicroStran. We make extensive use of Excel spreadsheets and some can be found on ExcelCalc’s and here in the web store.  Most of our structural design spreadsheets are dependent on  technical library add-in released as: schTechLib.xla. Our structural design engine, currently operates behind the scenes of spreadsheets designing carports and verandahs for a South Australian manufacturer. Roy is busy rewriting the carport software, making greater use of  classes and significantly reducing the amount of code required. After which we will merge shed design so that have one add-in for canopy and shed design.