TechNote#000 – Index to Technical Notes


TN/000 Index to Technical Notes
TN/001 Initial Investigation Into The Impact Of The Energy Efficiency Requirements Of Building Codes On Glazed Enclosures
TN/002 Simplified Design Method – Design By Comparison
TN/003 A Guide To Understanding The Engineering Profession For Manufacturers/Suppliers And Other Users Of Pre-Engineered Solutions
TN/004 A Guide To The Qualitative Assessment Of Structures
TN/005 A Guide To The Engineering Disciplines
TN/006 Internal Pressure Coefficients Industrial/Commercial Buildings
TN/007 Water Tank Roof Covers
TN/008 Simplified Introduction to Shed Design
TN/009 Introduction to Limit State Design – Design for Function and Risk
TN/010 Loading Condition Naming Conventions
TN/011 Guide to Assist Users in Reviewing Suitability of Design & Documents
TN/012 Objectives of Design Reports & Technical Notes
TN/013 Structural Assessment of a Commercial/Industrial Building
TN/014 Development Approval
TN/015 Pre-Engineered Solutions
TN/016 Design Engineers and Proof-Engineers
TN/017 Carports & Verandahs : Freestanding & Attached
TN/018 Attached Canopies: House Strengthening
TN/019 Estimate of member sizes for Collar-Tied Roof Trusses
TN/020 Timber Section Capacities
TN/021 Timber Connection Capacities
TN/022 Steel Bolt Capacities
TN/023 Attaching Canopies at House Hips and Valleys
TN/024 Estimate of member sizes for Canopies – Rigid Roof Frame
TN/025 Estimate of member sizes for Canopies – Support Frame
TN/026 BRACING – Cross-Bracing & Knee Braces
TN/029 Steel Connection Capacities
TN/030 Structural Model: Roof: Coupled Roof
TN/031 Structural Model: Roof: Close Coupled Roof
TN/032 Structural Model: Roof: Collar-Tied Roof
TN/033 Structural Model: Roof: Rigid Bent on Pin one end & Roller at other end
TN/034 Structural Model: Building: Rigid Bent on Pin one end & Roller at other end
TN/035 Structural Model: Roof: King Post Truss
TN/036 Structural Model: Roof: King Post Truss with Struts
TN/037 Structural Model: Roof: Howe Truss
TN/038 Structural Model: Roof: Queen Post Truss
TN/039 Structural Model: Roof: Fink Truss (W-Truss)
TN/040 Structural Model: Roof: Belgian Truss (Double W-Truss)
TN/041 Structural Model: Roof: Double Howe Truss
TN/042 Structural Model: Roof: Pratt Truss
TN/043 Structural Model: Roof: Fan Truss
TN/044 Structural Model: Howe Girder
TN/045 Structural Model: Flat Pratt Girder (N-Girder)
TN/046 Structural Model: Parallel chord Truss
TN/047 Structural Model: Warren Girder
TN/048 Structural Model: Walls
TN/049 Structural Model: Floors
TN/050 Structural Performance: Wind Loads
TN/051 Structural Performance: Risk
TN/052 Sketch Book: The Built Environment & Building Design
TN/053 Structural Model: Bolted End Plate Moment Connection (Cold-formed Steel)
TN/054 Structural Model: Bolted Gusset Plate Moment Connection (Cold-formed Steel)
TN/055 Structural Model: Breakdown of Moment Diagrams
TN/100 Quality of Pre-Engineered Manufactured Structural Building Products
TN/101 Testing Connections in Pre-Engineered Manufactured Structural Building Products