The Logistics Problem

The logistics problem is getting the right goods, in the right condition, in the right quantity, in the right place at the right time.

As I have mentioned in various places before, Australia is akin to a remote mining colony on Mars. South Australia and Adelaide is something of a backwater to that colony. With the Yorke Peninsula essentially being a backwater to the backwater. It may be an interesting backwater, great beaches, clean environment (well with exception of mining towns), but nonetheless it has resource supply problems. Thats a supply problem, not an out going distribution problem though there is a problem there as well.

The resource supply problem stems from issues of distance, and a low population. Permanent stores, that is ones anchored to the earths surface don’t really have large enough markets to supply a large variety of goods. Travelling suppliers are likely to fare better, but they need somewhere to set up stall in each town they visit, and the people need to know when they are in town.

This makes the internet an important tool to use, so as to know where the travelling market/fair is currently located. The internet is also an important tool to use to find out what the right goods are, where they are needed and when they are needed.

The towns are a great place to be if want to retire, are healthy and don’t need medical care, don’t need much of anything else. Or maybe good place to be if working in the grain industry. Otherwise however the towns seem to be a dead loss, though tourism seems to be a growth industry.

Tourism raises a dilemma of conflicts. On the one hand tourists may want to get away from mobile phones, the internet, Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, kmart, and Woolworths etc… On the other hand people in the area need to make a living, and remote online businesses is one way to do that. So the internet is important. Being able to contact emergency services is also important and so mobile phone network is also important. It is also to be noted that digital nomads also look for places with good and ready access to the internet. Some people don’t differentiate between work and play, and combine the two together. So internet access and mobile phone network is just as important for tourism as it is for local business and the general population. Fast food outlets and supermarkets are not likely to move into the area to any significant amount until tourist numbers grow, and even then local stores are likely to grow first if they see the opportunity.

However I suggest that the internet and appropriate courier drop off and pick up points, beyond Australia post are important to getting goods into the region.