Transcribe Calculations into Spreadsheets

Three levels of service offered: starting at $5 (US) and currently (11/01/2019) less than $11 (AUS),  goto fiverr to check current fees. Seems fiverr won’t keep the gig active, if not available then contact us and I will reactivate.

Transcription of handwritten calculations into a working spreadsheet. The three levels are:

  1. A single formula
  2. A single A4 page
  3. A full set of worksheets comprising a report.

Project and Payment is via use of the Fiverr platform. (Provided under Metamorphs(Beyond Structures))

NB: Fees set on fiverr are in US dollars, the fee you see is typically converted to your local currency.

For calculations we typically use A4 sheets in portrait orientation, with margins as follows:

  1. 10 mm top margin
  2. 20mm left margin
  3. 10 mm right margin
  4. 20 mm bottom

With a layout using 18 spreadsheet columns. Border cells are typically used around the main print area: this is to keep clear of the applications border, it also provides space for input values (especially local over ride values {eg. either report shows calculated value as usual, or uses over ride if not blank.}).