Web Developers and SEO services

Yes you are spamming.

If you are so good, then where are your web sites, and why don’t your web sites show on the first page of a google search? Your email’s basically suggest that web sites are of no value, and SEO is of no value, because if it was of value, then you would have a web site that ranked number 1, and you wouldn’t need to scrape websites, extract emails and send unsolicited emails.

I also know you have zero understanding of my industry, and limited comprehension of the english language. See, I don’t know what search terms you check,  but when I search I turn up scattered throughout the first 10 pages. Either my personal blog, my linkedin profile or this website. Such results are without searching for the business name, and without searching for my personal name. In fact compared to when I was at school my personal name is no longer unique, and my name is drowned out by the famous: but if I refine the search then onto the first page I get. People who only know my fathers name, and the old business name also are able to find this website.

To put it simply people who stop at the first page of google search are not searching for anything. When I search I check the first 5 pages,  then page 10, 15, 20 etc. {which is not easy as the page list is usually 14, 19, etc…}. By checking through multiple pages I can get ideas for additional or alternative search terms and then refine my search.

Since there are millions of businesses in the world, it is not possible for everyone to get onto the first page of a google search. However, generally don’t want any business any where in the world, more typically want something within driving distance, assuming anything in walking distance would already know about. Therefore, an important part of the search criteria is the location: such as South Australia, Yorke Peninsula, Maitland, or Adelaide. That is locate a specific service function in a specific location.

I also know that you SEO spammers are not very good, and despite you saying you have researched and audited this site, you have failed to check the facebook page. If you had checked the facebook page, then you would also find the search criteria which at one time put me in the top three of the first google search page: with my position alternating from day to day from position 1 to position 3. So don’t tell me you have done your homework, and offer extortionately priced services, when you haven’t done any research of any value.