Weld Design




A simple spreadsheet calculator for design of fillet welds to AS4100. It covers the basic shear capacity of the weld, but is primarily for checking capacity moment connections.  It covers the following different profiled welds:

  1. 2 vertical Parallel Lines
  2. 2 Horizontal Parallel Lines
  3. RHS/SHS
  4. CHS
  5. Built-up profile

The spreadsheet is set up in the format of what I call a quick calculator. I use it to get weld capacities which I then hand write into my calculations, or otherwise include in a typed certificate.

For regular design of structural connections such as those in sheds and canopies, we have more customised spreadsheets integrated with the rest of the structural design of the building, and thus presented with more detailed calculations. For example calculation of weld capacity of fillet welds used to weld C-section to end plate in cold-formed steel shed design.

Being based on AS4100, the workbook ignores the differing resistance of parallel and transverse loading of welds, as AS4100 is based on the minimum of these two resistances (not that it explicitly says so.). (The earlier code AS1250 did use the two, so could produce a more optimum weld design.)

You have the freedom to copy the calculations from the workbook into your own report, otherwise we can produce a more customised report for you: contact us for more information.


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Download: schDsgnWeldR1.xls