Workbook for Calculating Dimensions of Steel Framed Building Components

A spreadsheet for calculating the dimensions of a cold-formed steel framed building (shed), typically using gusset plate brackets at the frame connections. It calculates length of members, and spacing of holes based on the overall building dimensions (roof pitch, over all width, eaves height). It also calculates quantities.


  1. Internal clear space
  2. Centre line dimensions of frame
  3. column length
  4. rafter length
  5. Wall brace length
  6. roof brace length
  7. end wall mullion lengths
  8. Girt layout
  9. purlin layout
  10. Fasteners for roof cladding
  11. Fasteners for wall cladding

Also includes parametric sketches of:

  1. Building plan
  2. Section
  3. Column hole layout
  4. Rafter hole layout
  5. Wall bracing

Download: schBuildingDimensions.xls